Teaching Philosophy and Format

A Comprehensive Professional Counseling Program

The purpose of this training is to assist you in experiencing the power, the joy, and the creativity of your true nature, and teach you how to bring it out in others.

What distinguishes our training is the comprehensive approach derived from the synthesis of powerful insights and techniques that have proven useful in dissolving the blocks we have created within ourselves.  These blocks are formed by the creation of often unconscious beliefs resulting from various experiences in our lives.  Most medical and psychological approaches to illness that can be manifested by these blocks merely treat the outward symptoms and at best create a healthier alternative.  They do not address the core beliefs and the energetic holding patterns that are the root cause of the symptoms.

Recognizing the outward manifestation of these limiting beliefs is a core element of our program.  Once the outward demonstration has been defined, we then follow the trail inward to the root cause.  Here is where all true therapy lies – in the psychological realm of the mind.  We utilize guided meditation and hypnotherapy due to its ability to get an individual out of their outward “story” and directly address the core limiting beliefs that are held in the unconscious.

Our professional programs are designed for students who are seeking:

  • To become certified as a Professional Counselor
  • To become certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • To expand their existing healthcare, service, or counseling practice
  • Self-Mastery in all areas of their life

We offer a unique approach to Counseling and Hypnotherapy by utilizing the PAUSE Model as our core methodology.  It provides a practical framework to conducting therapy that is tested, creates lasting change, has a sensible approach, and offers a repeatable process.  We accomplish that utilizing the tools provided by Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Integrative Body Movement, The Characterological Defense System, The Enneagram, Trauma Resolution, A Course in Miracles, Emotional Freedom Technique, and more.

Teaching Approach

We offer two formats designed to meet the various needs of our students.  The Weekend Intensive Format (A) requires full in-classroom attendance for 100 hours.  The Long Distance Learning Format (B) combines Self-Directed study (40 hours), Instructor-led Internet Webinar Training (27+ hours), and a final In-Classroom Intensive (40 hours) which minimizes travel and yet provides the opportunity for professional certification with an in-depth, Instructor supervised learning experience.

Weekend Intensives – Format (A)

The In-Person version of Level One of our professional training program Mastering the Therapeutic Process™ is fully Instructor Led, and portions of the class may be video and audio taped.  As a result, all participants shown on video will be asked to sign waivers.  The class will be held on all-day Saturday and Sunday for one weekend a month, for three to five consecutive months, as needed to reach the 100 hour training goal.  Please refer to the website for the exact schedule.

Long Distance Learning – Format (B)

This program is offered in three parts:

At Home:

The self-directed portion consists of 40 hours of home and partner study via Audio, Visual, Skype, and Written material, including self-examinations.  New Vistas will provide each student with an MP3 Player and Website loaded with all material needed for remote training (first 60 hours), including Audio, Video, Word and PDF Documents.

Internet Webinar:

Instructor-Led weekly seminars over 18 weeks are 90 minutes long and are designed to assist the students in a deeper, more interactive model while remaining very convenient.  All students are required to have access to a Broadband connected PC with Audio Headsets.


The in-classroom segment consists of a 6-day intensive designed to provide 40 hours of Instructor-led training, including directed Guided Meditation, Trancework, NLP, and Trauma Resolution Practicum, mutual hypnosis sessions, and final examinations.  Many students have commented on how powerful and life-changing the experiential portions of this training has been for them.

All portions of the program are supported by a dedicated website, discussion board, email, online, and phone support from the Instructional staff.


Homework for both formats includes conducting 10 sessions of Hypnosis, Journaling, Logbook entries, directed reading, examinations, and Self-Hypnosis.


Instructional Methods

The New Vistas International Classroom and Internet Webinar segments include Lecture, PowerPoint, Handouts, Demonstrations, Trancework, and Interactive participation as both Client and Counselor.  New Vistas will provide each student with an MP3 Player loaded with the appropriate audio required for the class.  Students will need access to a Broadband Internet connected PC with audio for the online Webinar based training classes.  All students will need to login to the NVI Student Portal to access online content of Video, Word and PDF Documents, as well as the Student Community Chatroom.

The Student Training material consists of:

  • Student Manual 
    • Theoretical background for each Level
    • Available in both Printed and Electronic (Kindle) Format
  • Student Workbook
    • Practical Exercises, Guided Meditations, and Therapeutic Processes
    • Available in both Printed and Electronic (Kindle) Format
  • Web-Based Documentation and Recordings
    • Video, Audio, and PDF Documentation
    • A deeper dive into key topics and related subject matter
    • Accessible from PC or Kindle
  • MP3 Recordings
    • Professionally recorded Exercises and Meditations for use in and outside of class
    • Installed on the NVI MP3 Player for each class
    • Also available as a download to install on an MP3 Player, Kindle, or as a CD

MP3 players are a core tool used in all Mastering the Therapeutic Process™ classes, and must be available for use during every class, remote and in-person.  The student will additionally be provided one set of high-quality earbuds for their personal use.  Both the NVI MP3 player and earbuds have been specifically selected for our training purposes, and cannot be substituted without authorization.

Once issued, the student will need to bring them to every class.  NVI MP3 players can be checked out for in-person classes at no charge, but must be returned at the end of class, or purchased by the student.  The student is responsible for the condition of the MP3 player and Earbuds.  Students will be charged full price for broken or lost MP3 players or earphones.

New Vistas will provide each student with an update to their already purchased NVI MP3 Player with all material needed for each class. The student will need access to a Broadband Internet connected PC with audio to properly access the Student Portal on the NVI Website.


For more information, please download our Course Catalog.