High Quality Recordings

All of the recorded work offered by New Vistas International was created using state-of-the art technology.  Additionally, our Guided Meditation recordings require high-quality audio devices to reproduce the entire sound spectrum for full effect.   We have carefully selected specific MP3 Players and Earbuds to support this effort. All of our recordings are available prerecorded on an MP3 Player for your convenience.  Our Product Page has various options available to you.

Binaural Beat

In addition to human voice and music provided on nearly every recording, New Vistas uses a technology known as “Binaural-Beat” to create a gentle brainwave entrainment effect.  This frequency following process uses a principle similar to the Doppler Effect where the brain seeks to automatically decode the signals being sent to it to make sense of them.  This very safe and effective technique was originally discovered in 1839, but not truly developed until the later part of the 20th Century.  For more information, go here:

Binaural Beat is used to assist in relaxing the brain by sending a specific set of tones to the left and right ears that are offset by a specific frequency.  The brain creates the missing signal and then resonates to it.  For example, if a 400 Hz signal is sent to the left ear and a 407 Hz signal is sent the right ear, the missing 7 Hz signal is inferred by the brain.  Since it is now focusing on creating the 7 Hz signal, the brainwaves predominately align to 7 Hz, which is within the range the brain operates at during relaxation.  Conversely, if a 15 to 20 Hz signal is created, it assists the brain in focusing or awakening.

Binaural Beat has also been attributed to the healthy creation of a number of positive effects on the body, including increased learning rates, deeper, higher quality sleep, regulation of the hormonal systems, and more.  This technology is a foundational aspect of a number of products available in the market today, including the Monroe Institute’s Hemi-Sync offerings.  New Vistas uses a proprietary process that it created using a variety of commercially available products specifically focused on enhancing the depth and duration of a meditative state.

We have carefully selected specific MP3 Players and Earbuds to support this effort.  Once assigned to a Student, they are expected to bring them to every class and use them at home or at work.  Most of our recordings are NOT to be used while driving or operating machinery.  The advantage of using our MP3 Player is that the student can enjoy a professional guided meditation session at home with all the right equipment to hear it.  As a practicing counselor, they can use the same approach with their client to maximize results.

Please note: If you wish to use a different set of headphones or earbuds, their quality will have to be evaluated to ensure they properly create the full range of the auditory and sub-auditory spectrum.  Please see the New Vistas Staff for further information and testing.

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This player will be loaded with the Body Integration & Awareness recording as well as the A-Aware Witness Guided Meditation.  Please advise us if you want anything loaded on it.  All of our recordings are available to be added to your purchase.

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