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Body Awareness


PAUSE: Body Awareness Workout


Introduction to P-Present

The PAUSE Body Awareness and Integration Workout is the first step in becoming fully present.  The purpose of this program is to support you in being fully present by tracking sensations and integrating the vital energies of your body.  P-Present is the foundation and starting place of the of the PAUSE Model.

When we are not fully present, it becomes extremely difficult to create success, have healthy relationships, and even enjoy life.  When we are embodied, and present in the moment with focused attention, our mind and body functions optimally.  This program can be used while sitting, exercising in a quiet, comfortable area, while getting ready for work in the morning, or even doing household chores.

Imagine having healthier, more youthful cells throughout your body.  What would that feel like?

You can use this while exercising, doing chores, or taking a walk.  Topics include: Embodiment, Dissociation, Charge, Discharge, Streaming Energy, and cultivating the capacity to stay in Present Time.

Zip of Track One and Track Two:

Track One:

Track Two:


  PAUSE Sanctuary

 PAUSE: The Sanctuary and the Aware Witness

Introduction to A-Aware Witness

The second resource state of the PAUSE model is A-Aware Witness.  The Aware Witness is the silent, non-judgmental observer that enables you to objectively and intelligently participate in life.  Through the Aware Witness you will be going beyond the ego, and learn to access deeper levels of wisdom than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

The Heart Centered Aware Witness differentiates between the chatter of the conditioned mind and the wisdom and comfort provided by the witness’ expanded perspective.  The clarity of the Aware Witness will assist you in healing wounds, resolving problems, and finding answers to questions that may have eluded you in the past.

Imagine being able to rise above any challenge, and see the issues clearly!

This recording includes a sophisticated background track encoding Binaural Beat which will support brainwave entrainment and subsequent deep relaxation.  This is best experienced using headphones or earbuds – not speakers.  The NVI MP3 Players and earbuds have been specifically tested and chosen for optimal results.  Please do not use hypnotic recordings while operating a car or other machinery.

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Topics include: Heart Opening, Heart Flame Mediation, Your Sanctuary; Removing Obstacles To Your Goals;  Using the Aware Witness Throughout Your Day.

Zip of Track One and Track Two:

Track One:

Track Two:


Chakra Balancing MP3 by Donna Hamilton

The Chakra Balancing Audio can be used as a mediation or while exercising. It is designed to help balance and clear the energetic channels which influences the hormonal system and major organs of the body. As the chakra system clears, we become embodied, present, and capable of accomplishing our goals. Topics include: Exploring each of the seven chakras to positively transform health, finances, and relationships.

Zip File of Track One & Two:
Track One:
Track Two:


Full_Renewal in 16 min or less MP3 by Donna Hamilton

The De-Stress: Full renewal in 16 minutes audio provides a series of meditative tools which allows for a deep level of relaxation and therefore physical, emotional, and mental renewal. Topics include: Silencing the mind, releasing stress in the body, releasing physical holding patterns