CSC – Class 1 Syllabus

Transforming the Existence Wound

Class One of the PAUSE Characterological Specialty

Fear and doubt can grip our bodies and our minds during the earliest moments of life.  This disturbance can generate unacknowledged anxiety that can impede our ability to rest comfortably in our bodies and accomplish our goals.  This unacknowledged anxiety can also creator a magnetic field which can attract unwanted experiences.   Class One of this Series will focus on healing these pre-verbal wounds.


  • This training is rooted in the field of Body Centered Psychotherapy and the work of Psychiatrists Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen, and John Pierrakos
  • The Trauma Resolution aspects of this training are based in the Somatic Experiencing Professional Training Program offered by foremost Trauma Resolution authority, Peter Levine, PhD

Class Topical Overview

  • Historical Perspective
    • Body Centered Psychotherapy
  •  The Resolution of Trauma
    • The importance of pacing and resourcing is emphasized throughout this five part training.
  • Comprehensive Analysis and Resourcing of each of the Five Character Defense Systems
    • Class One – The Existence (aka Schizoid) Wound
      • Anatomy and Physiology
      • Emotional and Mental patterns
      • Resourcing through Trauma Resolution processes
      • Guided Imagery
      • Physical Exercises to integrate and restore balance
  • Trauma Resolution
    • Generating an Oasis of Safety through applied Trauma Resolution techniques.
  • Therapeutic Processes and Body Integration

    • Interactive exercises
    • Applied NLP exercises
  • Professionally Recorded Exercises and Meditations for use in and outside of class
    • Before the Beginning: The Ultimate Resource  All of New Vistas’ programs focus on cultivating rich resources, The Ultimate Resource invites each of us to look within to experience the changeless, timeless, resource of our True Nature.
    • I Remember   – A guided meditation which brings resources to: The Preconception Journey, Conception, Implantation, and Gestation through timeline therapy.
    • Resourcing The Muladhara: A guided meditation that focuses on uncovering and enhancing the rich resources of the first chakra
    • These recordings (and more) are installed on the NVI MP3 Player.  Each class will have specific additional recordings.
    • They are also available as a download to install on an MP3 Player, Kindle, or as a CD.
    • In addition, several other recording specifically designed to support this class are available for purchase.


All students planning to attend this class are asked to listen to The Body Awareness Workout Track 2 on a daily basis.   This complimentary recording can be downloaded on the PAUSE website, and is included in the NVI MP3 Player.

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