The PAUSE Path to Wholeness


The Purpose of the PAUSE Path to Wholeness (PTW) is to provide insight and direction to the client and counselor on improving one’s ability to manifest their heart’s desire.  There are many different programs that can advise someone about their personality traits and tendencies.  However, they typically speak to “what” and do not provide a useful, actionable, “how.”  They are often akin to seeing an obstacle on the road ahead of your car, and not being able to slow-down or drive around it.  The PAUSE PTW supports the client by providing a clear destination, identifying potential challenges, and maps a course of action to increase the resources needed to get there.

The Cornerstones of the PAUSE Path to Wholeness™

  • Focus Area
    • Health, Relationships, Finances, Career, Spirituality
  • Character Defense System
    • Identifying and reducing the physical and emotional blockages in the body
  • The Enneagram
    • Identifying and increasing the awareness of unconscious personality patterns
  • Resource Management
    • Identifying and increasing the resources needed to easily move past obstacles and improve one’s physical, emotional, and mental conditions