New Vistas International, LLC

Mission Statement

New Vistas International, LLC is dedicated to offering inspiring and transformational educational experiences based on the PAUSE Model™.  Our goal is to establish powerful, reliable resources that support us in examining and transforming the obstacles in our unconscious mind that block access to our Essential Self.  PAUSE is an acronym for the five fundamental resource states that support us in experiencing presence, developing self-awareness, unwinding the past, opening to Love and forgiveness, and evoking our heart’s desire.

P – Present
A – Aware Witness
U – Unified Self
S – Surrender
E – Evoke Essence


New Vistas International™, LLC (NVI) is a certified training organization based in Reno, Nevada that offers professional programs designed for people who wish to obtain certification in the profession of Counseling, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Psychology), Hypnotherapy, and Life Coaching.  In addition to supporting a professional practice, NVI’s programs have proven extremely useful for people currently in a counseling profession who may wish to expand their existing skills, and for people in a healing profession who wish to add advanced counseling or NLP techniques to their offerings.  NVI’s training programs are also appropriate for those interested in their personal self-development, and our offering includes classes that available for those seeking Self-Mastery.

After significant research, compilation of a wide range of material, and actual therapeutic application, Mastering the Therapeutic Process™, the PAUSE Model of Counseling™, the PAUSE Model of Spiritual Counseling, the PAUSE Model of Hypnotherapy™, and Hypno-Workout™ were created.  New Vistas International was formed as an educational training organization to teach all aspects of the PAUSE Model™.  This comprehensive program provides a practical curriculum incorporating universally applicable tools, guided meditation, advanced hypnotic strategies, and physical exercises designed to support the Professional Counselor and the client in the therapeutic healing process.   Our classes are offered in-person as well as online.

PAUSE provides a practical framework to conducting therapy that is tested, creates lasting change, has a sensible sequence, and offers a repeatable process.  This unique, psycho-spiritual therapeutic approach is based on essential elements drawn from Clinical Counseling, Character Defense Systems, the Enneagram, Trauma Resolution, Clinical Hypnotherapy, A Course in Miracles, Yoga, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Psychology, and various physical exercise modalities.  While there is a distinct spiritual underpinning to the core resource building approach within the PAUSE Model™, no particular faith or spiritual inclination is needed to utilize and benefit from the program.  Please refer to our online calendar for class schedules and more information.

 Please download our Course Catalog to find out more about our offerings.


Scope of Practice

The PAUSE Model of Hypnotherapy™, The PAUSE Model of Counseling™, Allowing the Magic™, and Hypno-Workout™ provide an in-depth educational model for self-exploration.  These programs are not intended to diagnose or treat conditions that should be addressed by qualified health care professionals.  They are designed to increase motivation, enhance self-awareness, and positively alter beliefs and behavioral patterns.

Before working with a PAUSE Counselor, individuals suffering from mental or physical illness or have symptoms of traumatic activation should be evaluated by an appropriate, licensed, health care professional.  Written permission must be provided by this licensed health care professional before participation in the professional training program or Hypno-Workout classesThe PAUSE Model is an excellent adjunct to care provided by appropriate health care, mental health, and spiritual counseling professionals.  The PAUSE centered focus on increasing body and spiritual awareness, and the ongoing development of rich, resilient resources can greatly enhance other treatment modalities.

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