Mastering The Therapeutic Process – Level One

New Vistas International - Professional Training and Certification

PAUSE Certified Hypnotist (CH)

Class#: NVI2014L1A-P / NVI2014L1A-SM

Presented by: Donna Hamilton, PhD, MFT and Bud James, MA Div.
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Aim of Level One, Mastering the Therapeutic Process

Professional Hypnotherapy Track Goals:

Level One is designed to provide the professional student with the information, skills, and confidence to work competently, safely, and effectively as a PAUSE Certified Hypnotist using direct suggestion and PAUSE therapeutic techniques.  This is the foundation class for understanding and applying the PAUSE Model of Counseling™.   It is part one of a three part program to become a PAUSE Counselor.

Self-Mastery Track Goals:

The Self Mastery Track offers students the opportunity to attend the same classes as the Professionals, without the professional requirements.  It is designed to provide the student with the confidence and information needed to uncover and enhance positive Resource States, conduct safe and gentle Self-Inquiry, and develop basic Self-hypnosis skills.  The successful student will be awarded the PAUSE Level One Self-Mastery Certification.  We also offer a Drop-In program to support the person interested in exploring elements of the PAUSE Model.

Prerequisites: Open to all.

Level One Objectives

Upon successful completion of Level 1, the Student will:

All Students:

  • Be provided with a comprehensive understanding of the PAUSE Model of self-inquiry.
  • Develop and utilize the basics of Self-Hypnosis.
  • Understand the basic structure of Character Analysis and the five primary Defense Systems.
  • Be able to utilize Resourcing, Anchoring and understand the power of Belief.
  • Learn appropriate fundamentals of Neuro Linguistic Psychology (NLP), Embodiment vs. Disassociation, Tracking sensation, VAKOG, the conscious, unconscious mind, and super-conscious mind, the Gatekeeper, counseling communication model, and EFT.
  • Be able to recognize Behavioral Manifestations of Internal Representations (BMIR).
  • Be able to establish rapport, utilize Pacing and Leading, utilize Pendulation, and successfully set effective outcomes.


  • Develop the confidence, information, and skills necessary to work competently, safely and effectively as a professional hypnotist using direct suggestion.
  • Begin to utilize and have a deeper understanding of the five primary Character Defense Systems in identifying and supporting their client’s path to wholeness.
  • Begin to utilize a body oriented approach to Trauma Resolution.
  • Be able to conduct a the following key elements of a successful PAUSE Hypnotic Session: Pre-induction talk, Induction, Deepening, Testing and Convincing, Creating directive suggestions, Post hypnotic suggestions, Emerging from trance, and Future pacing.
  • Be able to conduct EFT sessions as a transformational and resourcing tool.
  • Be able to utilize the PAUSE Basic Processing Model in a counseling session.
  • Conduct ten Hypnosis Sessions with fellow classmates or other clients.

Please note: We will not have a Level 2 Class in 2015, as we will be working on our books and training material. We will advise when we will offer the next class in the series, as well as our online classes to allow you to continue your professional education with us.

Teaching Approach

Our primary teaching modality combines three formats, which minimizes travel and provides the opportunity for professional certification with an in-depth, Instructor supervised learning experience. Our approach is also very supportive of those wishing to experience personal growth and Self-Mastery.

Instructional Methods

The Classroom segments include Lecture, PowerPoint, Handouts, Demonstrations, Trancework, and Interactive participation as both Client and Hypnotist. New Vistas will load an NVI approved MP3 Player with all material needed for self-directed training, as well as Audio, Video, Word and PDF Documents. MP3 players are a core tool used in all Mastering the Therapeutic Process™ classes, and must be available for use during every class, remote and in-person. Both the NVI MP3 player and high-quality earbuds have been specifically selected for our training purposes, and cannot be substituted without authorization. Once issued, the student will need to bring them to every class. NVI MP3 players can be checked out for in-person classes at no charge, but must be returned at the end of class, or purchased by the student. The student is responsible for the condition of the MP3 player and Earbuds. All aspects of the program are supported by a dedicated website, discussion board, email, webinars, online support, and phone support from the Instructional staff

Credential Success

To receive the certification and title of “PAUSE Certified Hypnotist,” (CH), the student will provide proof of:

  • Completion of Log Entries for each Hypnotic Session conducted (10 minimum).
  • Completion of Journal Entries for each day of training and Self-Hypnosis.
  • Demonstration of Skill Mastery in classroom segment for each major Skill.
  • Demonstration of the proper use of basic Clinical Forms.
  • Demonstration of an understanding of all five Character Structures.
  • Clear identification and demonstration of their own Character Structure.
  • Demonstration of the basic skills required to conduct an entire Hypnotic Session using Direct Suggestion.
  • Demonstration of the basics of the PAUSE Model to identify behavioral patterns
  • Successful completion of the Written and Practical Final Examination
  • Successful attendance of a minimum of 100 hours of total training with a minimum of 60 hours of Instructor-led training.

Format A – 100% In-Person Classes

Class#: NVI2014L1A-P / NVI2014L1A-SM (100+ hours)

  • Our Format A classes are Instructor-led at one of our selected training centers.
  • Students desiring Professional Certification are required to conduct 10 Counseling Sessions, submit Logbook entries, complete required homework, pass examinations, and log Self-Hypnosis sessions outside of class.
  • Self-Mastery students are assigned reading assignments and MP3 recordings to listen-to.
  • Please refer to our calendar for the complete schedule of upcoming classes

Class Schedule

9:00am – 4:00pm, Sat & Sun

  • 2, 3 August
  • 6, 7 September
  • 11, 12 October
  • 8, 9 November
  • 13, 14 December

Class Location

Renown Medical Center
Classrooms 101 and 102/103 (Across the hall from the Mack Auditorium on the first floor)

1155 Mill St., Reno, NV, 89502

Click here for a map: Mack Auditorium

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MTTP Level One Materials

Required: NVI approved MP3 Player

Other than an NVI approved MP3 Player, there are no additional materials fees.  If you already have one, there is no need to purchase another.

  • Professional and Self-Mastery Students will receive all required MP3 Recordings and printed Student Manual and Workbook as part of their tuition.
  • Optionally all material will be available on Kindle Format. Please provide us with your Kindle email address to allow real-time updates of your training material.

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