Mission Statement

New Vistas International, LLC is dedicated to offering inspiring and transformational educational experiences based on the PAUSE Model™.  

Our goal is to establish powerful, reliable resources that support us in examining and transforming the obstacles in our unconscious mind that block access to our Essential Self. 

PAUSE is an acronym for the five fundamental resource states that support us in experiencing presence, developing self-awareness, unwinding the past, opening to Love and forgiveness, and evoking our heart’s desire. 

 PAUSE consists of:

P – Present
A – Aware Witness
U – Unified Self
S – Surrender
E – Evoke Essence
• What if you could model being fully Present and Aware, choose to be at Peace, and respond thoughtfully to any situation in your life?
• What would it feel like to master powerful communication skills, personality analysis, hypnotherapy, trauma resolution, and advanced counseling skills?
• What if you could teach others how to do the same, and improve both your lives in the process?
Welcome to New Vistas International™, where education is not only entertaining, but life changing.  Our classes are fast-paced, interesting, and filled with the latest approaches in transformational processes.  We employ state-of-the art learning tools, as well as interactive, interpersonal, and experiential teaching.
 Our Professional training programs are designed to support you in:
  • Using the PAUSE Model of Counseling™ to increase your ability to resource yourself and others
  • Exploring Body Centered Psychotherapy Exercises to experience being fully present and enhance the body’s full vitality and capacity to renew, energize, and heal
  • Understanding Characterological Structure to recognize how our bodies hold powerful directions to defining transformative work
  • Understanding the Enneagram to better understand ourselves while increasing our ability to communicate with others and understand their world view
  • Utilizing Neuro Linguistic Psychology (NLP) to set and accomplish your goals, and incorporate powerful communication and transformational tools into your daily life
  • Mastering Self-Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy to clear limiting images and beliefs
  • Utilizing Trauma Resolution Processes to unwind the past, and release the future
  • Creating powerful, reliable Resources that enable you to Master your mental, emotional, and physical state
  • And more…

New Vistas International currently offers two training options for Long Distance and In-Person students:

  1. Self-Mastery Certification
  2. Professional Certification

New Vistas International’s Professional Counseling certification program is an affordable, high-level training that allows you to enhance your career opportunities and improve your personal life in the process.


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 Mastering The Therapeutic Process™

Professional Certification provided in this series:

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Level 1:  

Level 2:

Level 3:

Level 4:

  • PAUSE Certified Specialist

Future Levels to be released

Level 5:

  • PAUSE Master Counselor (PMC)

Level 6:

  • PAUSE Instructor (PI)
  • PAUSE Master Instructor (PMI)


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Scope of Practice

The PAUSE Model of Counseling™, the PAUSE Model of Spiritual Counseling™,the PAUSE Model of Hypnotherapy™, and Hypno-Workout™ provide an in-depth educational model for self-exploration.  These programs are not intended to diagnose or treat conditions that should be addressed by qualified health care professionals.  They are designed to increase motivation, enhance self-awareness, and positively alter beliefs and behavioral patterns.

Before working with a PAUSE Counselor, individuals suffering from mental or physical illness or have symptoms of traumatic activation should be evaluated by an appropriate, licensed, health care professional.  Written permission must be provided by this licensed healthcare professional before participation in the professional training program or Hypno-Workout classesThe PAUSE Model is an excellent adjunct to care provided by appropriate health care, mental health, and spiritual counseling professionals.  The PAUSE centered focus on increasing body and spiritual awareness, and the ongoing development of rich, resilient resources can greatly enhance other treatment modalities.

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