Level 2 Enrollment

Mastering The Therapeutic Process™ – Class of 2012 

Class # NV2012L2A-P


New Vistas Special MP3 Player and Earbuds

Pay online and get your MP3 Player at a reduced cost of $50! ($70 value). All students must use the New Vistas MP3 Player.

New Vistas MP3 Player & High Quality Earbuds:  $50.00


Level Two Tuition Options

Regular Student Tuition for Level Two

Class #: NV2012L2A-P

Option One:  Full Tuition – One Payment $1000

Option Two: Subscription $200/mo for 5 months

If you need to spread your payments out over time, choose this option.


Alumni Student Tuition Level Two

(Students who wish to repeat Level Two MTTP)

Option One:  Alumni Full Tuition  $500

Option Two:  Alumni Subscription Tuition  $100/mo for 5 months


Level Two Additional Materials

Level One Renew and Recharge Chip

If you are a graduate of Level One, you can get the six R&R MP3’s on a chip that is specifically designed to fit into your New Vistas MP3 Player.  Plus we throw in the three MP3’s from this website to make it convenient for you.

Nine Trances on an NVI MP3 Player Chip: $50

Printed Level Two Student Manuals

All our training material is available online for download.  You are authorized to print out one copy for your own personal use.  We will provide a printed copy of the Trance Manual and various handouts during class.  If you want printed copies of any of the other Manuals, choose this option.

Printed Student Manuals:  $25