Characterological Specialty Class


Generating Productivity and Personal Power

through Character Analysis


March – June 2014

Class#: NVI2014CS-P / NVI2014CS-SM

Presented by: Donna Hamilton, PhD, MFT

Drop-in Per Class $50, includes single class printed material and downloads
Plus optional Materials fee of $50-$100 per student needs
CEU credits available for Professionals
Discounts and payment plans available
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Our upcoming class in the series (June 1st):  

Think about your most prevalent thoughts regarding money.

From 0-100% what percentage of time are you generally moving TOWARD financial abundance?
For example, focusing on building a successful career, investing, saving, etc.
Write down that number.

Now, from 0-100% what percentage of time are you moving AWAY from financial fears?
For example, unease about your job, concern over inadequate financial resources, and worrying about expenses.
Write down that number.

Which one are you doing more – moving towards, or running away?
Creating a successful future by following your action plan, or are you worrying more about failure?

What if your ease of success and happiness is directly related to those numbers?

If you want to change this, join us THIS Sunday June 1st at noon at the Mack Auditorium in Renown Medical in the heart of Reno!

Moving Towards the Heart of Abundance

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CSC Specialty Program Overview:

What if the most significant circumstances of your life are etched in your body?

Our body is more than just a physical and emotional form that encapsulates and defines us.  Beneath all of it is an untapped wealth of insight, peace, and our most powerful resources.  Our unconscious minds record every experience we have had, and our body often reflects the most significant of these.  Understand these echoes of the past, and you begin to understand the language of the body.

Fear and doubt can grip our bodies and minds during the earliest and most vulnerable moments of life.  This disturbance can generate unacknowledged anxiety that can impede our ability to rest comfortably in our bodies and limit us in accomplishing our goals.  We will uncover the empowering qualities of our true nature, and how we can unwind the unconscious limiting patterns that appear to make up our identity.

It is the purpose of this five-part, 25 hour class to introduce Characterological patterns and how to transform them into rich and powerful resources.  Character Structure was originally described by psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich in his ground-breaking book, Character Analysis.  It provides a system that penetrates and assesses the patterns that encumber our hearts and inhibit our optimal success.  It teaches us how to identify and address the patterns expressing in our human forms, allowing us to release the underlying limiting beliefs that caused them.

Our study of Character Analysis reveals how we were wounded in our core belief system, and how we can transform the unconscious limiting patterns that keep us from manifesting our heart’s desire.

  • Graduates of New Vistas Mastering The Therapeutic Process™ (MTTP) will qualify for the PAUSE Characterological Specialization Certification upon successful graduation from this class.
  • Professional students will be assigned additional homework to conduct research and exchange Character based counseling sessions.
  • Professional Continuing Education Units (CEU) are available.
  • This class can be taken as a stand-alone Specialty Course, or as part of our Level One Professional training program.
  • Self-Mastery Students are invited to attend one or more of the classes on a drop-in basis.
  • This class or it’s online version is mandatory for new MTTP students.  The class hours and fees will count towards the Level One Mastering The Therapeutic Process™ class that starts in July, 2014.

This class is suitable for professional certification training as well as Self-Mastery.

Healing Modalities

  • Body Energy Analysis
  • Trauma Resolution Therapy
  • NeuroLinguistic Psychology (NLP)
  • Hypnotherapy
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Integrative Body Workout

Class Includes

  • Interactive Group and Individual Sessions for each Character Type
  • MP3 recordings specific to each Character Type
  • Movement and exercises designed to resource each Character Type
  • Homework for professional students to practice Type specific resourcing

Class Outcomes

  • Understanding your Character Strengths and Challenges
  • Improve Communication and Relationships
  • Utilizing practical tools and resources designed to transform challenges into strengths

 Credential Success

To receive the certification and title of “PAUSE Certified Specialist – Characterological Specialty” (PCS-CS) the student will provide proof of:

  • Completion of Log Entries for each Character Type Resourcing Session conducted (One for each type minimum).
  • Completion of Journal Entries for each day of training and Guided Meditation.
  • Demonstration of Skill Mastery in classroom segment for each major Skill.
  • Demonstration of an understanding of all five Character Structures.
  • Clear identification and demonstration of their own Character Structure.
  • Demonstration of the basics of NLP to identify Characterological behavioral patterns
  • Successful completion of the Written and Practical Final Examination
  • Successful attendance of a minimum of 25 hours of total training


Mack Auditorium @ Renown Medical Center
1155 Mill St., Reno, NV, 89502     
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Please wear comfortable clothes as light exercise and movement are an important part of our program.  We will be taking short breaks during class.  Feel free to bring food or water as you might need – light snacks and drinks are available to purchase at The Starbucks inside Renown.

Class Schedule

Sundays, Noon  to 5:00

March 2nd                      Click here for Class Syllabus
April 6th
May 4th
Jun 1st
Jun 29th

Class Materials

You will receive:

  • Printed and downloadable Power Point handouts for each class
  • Printed Manual for full-class students
  • MP3’s that are specifically created to resource a particular type.

Audio Recording Playlist

Here’s what you get on your NVI MP3 Player when you enroll for the entire class. Drop-in students who purchase an NVI MP3 Player will get the recordings for that specific class. Free downloads are available for certain recordings.  Click here for more information about our recordings.

 NVI Album: Character Analysis

The Character Analysis Series is designed to support the exploration and growth of each of the specific Character Personality Types. We find that everyone has some aspect of these types to some degree, and each are very useful on the healing journey to wholeness regardless of your personal type. Track 2 (T2) of this album should only be used while resting undisturbed, not while driving or operating machinery.

  • NVI-CA-2-BTB_Before the Beginning [21min]
  • NVI-CA-4-UR_The Ultimate Resource [23min]
  • NVI-CA-6-AFG_The Art of Feeling Good [19min]
  • NVI-CA-7-TI_Transforming Identity [19min]
  • NVI-CA-9-EOE_The Edge of Excellence [16min]
  • NVI-CA-10-RR_Releasing Resistance [12min]
  • NVI-CA-11-MTM-Moving Towards Money [16min]
  • NVI-CA-12-POL- In The Presence of Love [16min]

PLUS TWO MORE – for our upcoming class

NVI Album: Sleep Series

The NVI Sleep Series is designed to quickly take you into a deep state of sleep AND do educational processing at the same time! It’s a Two-for-one deal! ONLY use this while resting undisturbed! After the 20-25 minutes or so of guided meditation, the balance of the hour is Binaural Beat encoded music that gently… tapers…… off………

  • NVI-SS00_Blessed Sleep [60min]
  • NVI-SS01_Intro to Muladhara_The Root Chakra [4min]
  • NVI-SS02_Muladhara-The Root Chakra Track2 [60min]
  • NVI-SS03_Intro to Svadhisthana-The 2nd Chakra-Intro [6min]
  • NVI-SS04_Svadhisthana-The 2nd Chakra-Track2 [60min]
  • NVI-SS05_Manipura-The 3rd Chakra [60min]
  • NVI-SS06_Anahata-The 4th Chakra [60min]
PLUS MORE –  for each upcoming class!

Album: Intro to PAUSE

These are an introduction to the PAUSE Model of Counseling™. The Body Awareness and Chakra Balancing recordings are designed to be used wide-awake, while exercising, walking, or doing chores. Track 2 (T2) of the rest of this album should only be used while resting undisturbed, not while driving or operating machinery.

  • NVI-BAW-T1_Body-Awareness-Workout_Intro [6min]
  • NVI-BAW-T2_Body-Awareness-Workout [31min]
  • NVI-CB-T1-Chakra-Balancing_Intro [4min]
  • NVI-CB-T2-Chakra-Balancing [32min]


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